Elastic Platform

Elastic Hosting Built for Performance

All hosting accounts are based on our Elastic Platform™ ("EP") cloud. EP isolates your account from your neighbors and dynamically adds memory and processing capability as needed to adapt to sudden changes in traffic. Your site runs securely with fewer interruptions than in competing environments that lack the Elastic Platform.

Resource sharing

CPU/Memory Hotplugs

EP works by splitting a physical server up into smaller servers. These smaller servers are targetted at 50% capacity. In the event of a traffic surge, the host machine can hotplug additional CPU and memory from neighboring VMs to handle the traffic surge. Once traffic has abated, CPU and memory are returned to the neighboring VMs. Learn more

Account Isolation

Account Isolation

Beyond dynamic retuning, accounts are isolated from each other through a variety of protective guards carefully implemented for each service to maximize throughput while guaranteeing security. Pivot roots are created using a synthetic filesystem.

Synthetic Filesystems

OverlayFS is used to create a synthetic filesystem for each account while maintaining a global layer to inject service updates that automatically propagate. A layered filesystem provides an organized hierarchy that facilitates efficient backups and fast platform migrations.

Global System Services

Unlike a VPS, system services such as logging, MySQL, PostgreSQL, email, DNS, and brute-force detection do not count against your resource limits. These global services run in the "System" userspace. Your resource limits go toward your web site and your applications, not what's left over.

Expertly Managed

Expertly Managed

All platforms are expertly managed by our DevOps staff leaving you to focus on your business. Our team not only builds the Elastic Platform, but manages and maintains it too. You're in good hands with Hostineer.

Security First

With a growing trend of leaked confidential data and unsafe computing practices, security has become paramount. Various checkpoints are in place on every platform to deter break-ins and keep your data secure:

  • brute-force filters
  • jails
  • well-known URI lockdown
  • dual user PHP
  • upload malware scrubbing