A Brief History of Hostineer

  • Hostineer Begins

    July 2002

    Hostineer begins in 2002 as "Apis Networks" by Matt Saladna, an impressionable 18 year old with a passion for technology. With an initial investment from his parents, Matt began Hostineer with a server rental from EV1 in Houston, Texas.

    About Hostineer
  • Launchpad is Born

    August 2004

    While an undergrad at Georgia Tech, Matt continued to improve upon platform performance and spin off a control panel (Apis Networks Control Panel) that would later become Launchpad. An early control panel prototype, written in Tcl, was destroyed during his move into the dorms in 2004 that led to a rewrite from scratch and given the name "apnscp esprit".

    apnscp circa 2005
  • Incorporation & Move

    February 2006

    By 2006, it was becoming clear amid rapid growth to move server infrastructure in-house to a local data center in Atlanta, Georgia. Moving in-house ensured rapid response to whatever hardware issues may evolve and enabled tighter quality control over the servers that provided clients hosting. Hostineer entered into a long-term partnership with Dell to use PowerEdge servers that continues to this day. Matt also converted Hostineer from a proprietorship to an S-Corporation registered in Georgia.

    Georgia Peach
  • Server Platform Creation

    May 2007

    In 2007, as the market began its recession, Matt left Georgia Tech with 1 semester to go to focus on retooling Hostineer. During this time, "Server Platforms" were created as unique software bundles tied to the control panel that enhanced value. A variety of vital services were selected based upon performance and security ensuring a long-term vision.

    Platforms Introduced
  • Getting Out & Virtualization

    August 2011

    Matt returned in 2011 to finish his final semester and "get out" as the saying goes only to focus on Hostineer full-time. The first cloud-based platform, "Sol" was released in 2014 using kvm as its virtualization platform and "Luna" 18 months later, introducing hypervisor resource reapportionment.

    Georgia Peach
  • Hostineer Spinoff

    December 2016

    Strategically, Hostineer was spun off from Apis Networks in 2016 as a separate managed cloud-provider with Apis Networks serving as a surrogate control panel/platform provider to Hostineer. Both companies are still managed to this day by Matt.

    And if you're lucky enough, he might just answer your ticket!